'Golfing' dog famous in Rowan County

'Golfing dog' becomes famous

ROWAN COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - She does the list of standard tricks - catch, sit, stay, etc. But Layla, the 9 and a half-year-old Border Collie also has a few other tricks up her paw that most dogs can't quite do.

Her owner, Drew Harwood, has taught her to catch a tennis ball as it comes flying off the end of a golf club at full speed. Layla rarely misses.

"As soon as somebody comes through the door, she'll run get her ball and drop it on their foot," Harwood said.

Harwood brings Layla almost every day to his family's third generation sign shop in Granite Quarry. She's been coming since she was a puppy and made quite an impression on the locals.

Harwood says dozens of people come in every day to see Layla's newest tricks. Some people drop by and bring their friends.

Recently Harwood posted a video of Layla's tennis ball golf club trick. It's been shared hundreds of times.

"She just always wants to play. She'd rather play than be petted any day," Harwood said.

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