BLOG: Dangers of leaving kids, pets in cars

BLOG: Dangers of leaving kids, pets in cars

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Having just celebrated the un-official start to summer (Memorial Day), it's a great time to start thinking about how the summer heat can pose life-threatening dangers.

It is especially dangerous when it involves children or pets being left inside automobiles. We hear about it every summer… a young child or family pet accidentally or intentionally being left inside of a car or truck.

Here are a few facts based on a mildly warm 80 degree afternoon:

  • With the windows rolled up the ambient air temperatures inside the car will climb to 99 degrees in just ten minutes.
  • After twenty minutes, the temperatures soar to 109 degrees. If you’re trapped inside the suffering has already started.
  • In the next ten minutes, the temperature has risen to a sweltering 114 degrees. Heat stroke is a very real possibility at this point.
  • And after the sixty minute mark, the temperature inside the car will likely climb to around 123 degrees.

That's how a car becomes an oven. Since 1998, hundreds of people have died from vehicular related heat stroke.

In 2010, 49 people died as the result of being left in a hot vehicle. Very young children are especially susceptible to heat stroke. And with the numbers listed above, there's never an excuse to leave a person or a pet inside a hot car… not even for a minute.

- Meteorologist Chris Larson

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