2016 Hurricane Season underway!

2016 Hurricane Season underway!

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - If you thought the 2016 Hurricane Season got underway this week on June 1, some might argue with you that it actually started in January. That's when Hurricane Alex formed on January 14 over the central Atlantic, but it was moving away from the United States.

Alex was only the 2nd hurricane to form in January over the Atlantic. The first was 'Hurricane One' which formed in 1938.

Not to be outdone, Bonnie jumped the gun too by forming prior to the June 1 start of Hurricane Season. In this case, Bonnie only managed to reach Tropical Storm strength on May 28, and dropped below Tropical Storm category on May 30. But not before Bonnie dumped eight inches of rain in parts of the low country of South Carolina with localized flooding. Two people are known to have perished in the ocean, likely due to rip currents.

The forecasts for this season are all fairly close to the seasonal average of 12 Tropical Storms, 6 Hurricanes and 3 Major Hurricanes.

Speaking of major hurricanes, this marks the 10th year that the United States has still avoided a Major Hurricane landfall. Wilma was the last to accomplish that in October of 2005. Typically there is a 40% chance any given year a Major Hurricane will make landfall in the US, so it is remarkable that we're now in the 10th straight year of this drought.

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