Panthers fan sues Cowboys after assaulted during Thanksgiving Day game

Panthers fan sues Cowboys after assaulted during Thanksgiving Day game

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A Carolina Panthers fan is suing the Dallas Cowboys organization and a security company after he says he was put in a choke hold by a guard during a game.

John Small was in Dallas for the Panther's Thanksgiving Day game against the Cowboys. Small told Time Warner Cable back in December that he had gone to the game with his mother.

"It had been exactly a year since my dad passed away, and we wanted to do something special between the family to keep that off of our mind for the holiday," Small told TWC. "It was something new, and even though it ended in a tragic way, we still had a great time and made the best of the trip."

Small's attorney, Adam M. Seifer of SeiferFlatow Law Firm, says he was holding a "Keep Pounding," 11-and-0 sign. The guard apparently asked him to take it down and when Small declined, his attorney says, he was put into a choke hold.

The incident was captured on video and posted online.


One of the security guards puts Small in a choke hold before another man, wearing a Chicago Bears jersey, comes to his aid and appears to help break the hold.

Small, who is from Carrboro, is suing the Cowboys and Andy Frain Services, Inc for more than $25,000 and asking for a jury trial. The lawsuit was filed Wednesday in Buncombe County court.

WBTV reached out to the Cowboys organization Wednesday, but have not heard back.

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