BLOG: Can the return of Kelvin Benjamin make this group of pass catchers the best in the NFL?

BLOG: Can the return of Kelvin Benjamin make this group of pass catchers the best in the NFL?

Do you remember the day Steve Smith Sr. was released by the Panthers and everyone went into a panic over who Cam Newton will throw the ball to?  Well, no one can ask that question anymore if they TRULY watch this team.

Of course, the names aren't the popular ones around the league like Dez Bryant, Julio Jones or Odell Beckham, but as we now know, these guys can play.

Look at the potential of this pass catching group and reigning NFL MVP Cam Newton has to be ecstatic.  Let's start with All Pro tight end Greg Olsen at 6 foot 5.  Then at wide receiver, you got 6 foot 5 Kelvin Benjamin and 6 foot 4 Devin Funchess.  Throw in the speed of Philly Brown and Ted Ginn and this unit is no longer the weakness of the team and could possibly be one of their greatest strengths.

Of course, that is taking into account that Kelvin Benjamin can come back fully from the torn ACL.

He is out on the practice field with the Carolina Panthers for the 2nd week of OTA and so far so good.

KB is actually practicing without a knee brace to protect the knee.

Why not?

He says that it is a mental thing and mentally, he is not worried about the knee at all.  That is great to hear and a strong sign that he is almost back to full strength.

KB is primarily doing individual drills and sitting out during team sessions, but that individual work with Cam is huge in getting their timing back.

Of course, the real test will come in training camp and the preseason when he has to run and cut in full pads against live competition.

If Benjamin is back and can be like he was his rookie season when he caught over 70 passes for a thousand yards and 9 touchdowns, this group of pass catchers could be one of the top 5 in the league.  Heck, maybe even top 3.

Just my honest opinion.


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