Caldwell County Jail emptied because of water leak issues

Caldwell County jail problems

LENOIR, NC (WBTV) - More than 180 inmates at the Caldwell County Detention Cent had to be transferred to other facilities this weekend after fixtures in most cells started leaking water.

An equipment failure in the nearly 20 year old plumbing system failed, causing pressure to build up in the pipes beyond what the fixtures were designed for.

As a result, water was leaking throughout the facility Saturday evening. It prompted a scramble to find other facilities that could accept the inmates on a temporary basis.

By lunchtime on Sunday, all the inmates had been moved to other jails.

Officials were able to spread them out to more than half a dozen facilities.

Work crews were not on the scene Monday. They are waiting for a key part. Once that arrives in the next day or so, the primary problem can be fixed.

Crews will then test the system and repair any leaks that remain.

Officials hope to have everything back to normal and inmates back in their cells by the end of the week.

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