Do you know what to keep in your N Charlotte Toyota glove box?

Do you know what to keep in your N Charlotte Toyota glove box?
What to keep in glove compartment
What to keep in glove compartment

Are you one to always be prepared? Preparedness is never a bad trait to have. You should always be prepared, even in your car. You never know what may occur out on the road, so it's important that you have whatever you need on hand. The perfect place to keep these important items is the glove box! What exactly should you keep in there? Our N Charlotte Toyota dealership has a few ideas!

What should you keep in the glove box of your N Charlotte Toyota?

When it comes to the items that you should keep in your glove compartment, there are the essentials and the helpful items. Some are actually required by law to be in your car, while others can really come in handy!

Crucial items for your glove box

Whenever you're behind the wheel and you're driving out on the streets, in your N Charlotte Toyota's glove box you should have:

  • Car registration – if you are pulled over by the police, you must have proof that the vehicle is registered.
  • Proof of insurance – you must also have proof that the car is covered by an insurance policy if you’re pulled over.
  • Owner’s manual – in case of an emergency, you should always have the owner’s manual of your N Charlotte Toyota on hand. For example, it can help you locate something under the hood!
  • Medical information – if you have any medical allergies or conditions that police, paramedics, or others should know about, list them and place the list in the glove box. This is just in case you’re unable to tell them yourself.
  • Emergency contacts – create a list of people for authorities to contact if you’ve been in a car accident or you need help in an emergency. Include names and phone numbers.

Convenience items for your glove box

Unpredictability is something that we can't escape; however, we can be prepared for it. Just in case something was to happen while you're driving, consider packing some of these items into your N Charlotte Toyota:

  • Napkins and wet wipes –do you have kids? If so, you know it can get messy! Keep napkins and wet wipes on hand for any slippery, sticky, or slimy messes!
  • Pen and paper – if you’ve been in an accident, you need a pen and a piece of paper to swap information (name, number, insurance, etc.) with other drivers involved.
  • Flashlight – just in case you’re stuck changing a flat tire or jump starting a car battery at night, you’re going to need some light.
  • Phone charger – nowadays, payphones are disappearing, so it’s important that you always have a charge on your phone in case of emergencies.

If you think of anything else you may need in your car, make room for it in your glove compartment! If you're running out of room in the glove box, create a storage container for other items and stow it away under the seat or in the cargo area of your N Charlotte Toyota!

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