Catch up on auto service for Memorial Day!

Catch up on auto service for Memorial Day!
Charlotte Toyota Service Center
Charlotte Toyota Service Center
You’ve probably been looking forward to this holiday weekend for a while. You’ve got a lot plans, including a road trip, a barbeque, and a day out on the water! These plans have been in the works for weeks, but now your car is acting up. You don’t want to have to cancel your plans, do you? Instead, head to our Toyota Service Center for auto service.

Auto service for Memorial Day fun!

Your car has left you stranded or has been unreliable the past few days, but you really need it to get around this holiday weekend. It sounds like you need to get to our Charlotte auto service center ASAP! Our Toyota service technicians can fix your car up with car maintenance, like:
  • Oil changes – clean out the gunk from your engine with a fresh oil change in Charlotte!
  • Tire rotations, repairs, and replacements – have you almost lost control or had a flat tire? Your car is in need of new tires. If you’ve found a nail or other debris in your tire, bring it to our Toyota Service Center for a patch or repair.
  • Car battery tests and replacements – will your car not start? You could be facing a dead battery. Have it tested and replaced if needed at our Charlotte auto service center.
  • Brake service – instead of hearing that ear-piercing screech whenever you hit the brakes, get your brakes serviced at our auto service center in Charlotte.

Get cheap auto repairs in Charlotte!

Are your vehicle’s problems more extensive than routine maintenance can fix? Our Toyota-certified technicians can get your car fixed up in no time! Our Toyota service experts can perform auto repairs that could be troubling your like:
  • Transmission repair – is your car shaking violently or screaming when you shift gears? Have you noticed a red-ish liquid leaking from underneath your car? You may need auto repairs for your transmission. 
  • Radiator repair – if your car is overheating, you may have a leak or a hole in your radiator. This auto repair is cheap and fast at our auto service center in Charlotte.
  • Air conditioning repair – summer heat is no joke. Instead of suffering from the heat, have our Toyota service technicians repair your air conditioning!
  • Muffler repair – is your car sounding louder and louder when you drive? You could have a hole in your exhaust that is need of repair.
Once you get your car back in tip-top shape for Memorial Day, don’t forget to get your windshield wipers replaced just in case the weekend gets a bit windy! Old windshield wipers will just push the water around and severely limit your visibility. With a windshield wiper replacement, you can see better and drive safer!
Don’t miss out on ANY fun this Memorial Day weekend because your car has left you stuck! Instead of seeing how much your friends are having through messages and videos, experience the fun with them after you get Charlotte auto service.
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