Beyond the call of duty: Deputies rescue baby ducks

Deputies respond to rescue baby ducks

UNION COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - It's not a call Union County Sheriff's deputies get every day. Early Friday morning, a dispatcher put out a call for ducks trapped in a storm drain.

A woman walking to the pool saw the mother duck pacing around the drain and noticed the baby ducks inside.

Deputy Michael Lambert and Detective Duane Fitchett were the first ones to arrive to the neighborhood off Poplin Road.

"When we first showed up we heard the quacking of the ducks coming from multiple drains," Detective Fitchett said.

Together the men lifted the 300-pound steel grate off the storm drain and Detective Fitchett went in. One by one he lifted four babies out of the hole. The group joined their mother and walked down the street.

"No idea what we're going to experience when we come on duty, so any day we can help anybody and everybody or animals, is a good day," Fitchett said.

The deputies say at least two other baby ducks were inside the drain but ran away when the men tried to catch them. They believe now the ducks may have found another escape route because they're nowhere to be seen.

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