WBTV Secrets: Brody O'Connell, child movie star

WBTV Secrets: Brody O'Connell, child movie star

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - So, today is a sad day. Our friend, Brody O'Connell WBTV is leaving us to head back north. What makes this a happy day is that I didn't let him get away without sharing his Station Secret!

His secret is that he's a movie star. He was in the movie Kingpin! He got his first job when he was in the 4th grade. Yep! He was a child actor! Ok, not really. It was more of a one day thing. He lived in Pittsburgh and that's where they were filming.

Everyone wanted to be part of it. His parents thought it would be a fun experience so they let him and his brother audition. They both got a part! (How could they not love Brody?)

They got to meet Woody Harrelson. Brody said he was really nice and talked to/ took pictures with everyone. That was the coolest part of the "gig."

Their part was in an ice cream shop - so they also got ice cream. That was the 2nd coolest part. Plus he got paid $24.17.

Actually, that may have been the 2nd best part. Either way, they were right up there together! Oh, he also got to miss a day of school. Maybe all three tied for 2nd.

All I know is that we will miss him at WBTV News. I got to fill in a few weekend mornings and got to work with him.He was SO fun! ...and SO awake at that early hour!

We wish you all the best, Brody! Come back to visit!

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