Bessemer City Community Garden feeds students' minds

Community garden and school kids

GASTON COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - A local community garden has become a sight for locals to gather and learn and grow their own food, and it's gaining ground with kids, too.

The Bessemer City Community Garden is strategically located beside three schools - Bessemer City Primary, Bessemer City Central Elementary, and Bessemer City High School.

Each school uses the garden as a teaching tool, especially for the second graders at Primary. WBTV met with some of the kids to hear what they've learned about growing their own vegetables.

"We learned about composting, which makes good dirt. And plants need that to grow," said Amaiya.

The kids tend to the garden regularly to pull weeds, water, and check the progress of their labor.

"We're growing banana peppers and all kinds of cherries. We have cherry tomatoes and all kinds of fruits and vegetables," said Wesley.

Teacher Jill Hall said the garden has really grown on the kids.

"Getting out here and digging in the dirt, they love it," Hall said. "When they see the plants growing and the blooms, they're just amazed."

Most of the vegetables are donated by Angel's Garden and Lowe's of Shelby.

The next step is to add apiaries to the 6-acre site. All three school mascots are honey bees, busy bees, and yellow jackets.

Some of the food that comes from the garden is donated to local food banks.

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