BLOG: Well, at least the NASCAR Sprint Cup All Star Race was entertaining

BLOG: Well, at least the NASCAR Sprint Cup All Star Race was entertaining

Might not have been the way NASCAR would have liked it, but at least the All Star Race was entertaining.

Confusion was the main culprit to why I thought it was entertaining, but the racing in the end was great too.

When Matt Kenseth didn't get his mandatory green flag pit stop in during the first segment, the chaos began.  Because others followed the rules, Kenseth lapped a lot of the field.  So, you had lapped cars pitting with cars on the lead lap.  You had Kenseth having to go a lap down for not following the rule.  At times, you had wave around cars in line where they shouldn't be.  It was a ball of confusion for drivers and fans.

"It's the most screwed up All Star Race I have ever been a part of," said Tony Stewart.  "I'm glad this is the last one."

Stewart will retire at the end of this season and wasn't too happy after getting in a wreck during the 2nd segment.

In the end though, everything got sorted out and the final segment was good stuff.

What we found out is if you have old tires, you don't want to be in front of cars with 4 fresh tires.

Jimmie Johnson and Kyle Busch started in the front row in the final segment and they got gobbled at the drop of the green flag.  They were never a factor.

In the end, it came down to a battle between Kyle Larson and Joey Logano.  They would beat and bang until a final bump of Larson sent him to the wall on lap 112 and Logano would go on for the win.

Larson was a star on Saturday as he would have a classic finish in the Sprint Showdown earlier in the day to get into the All Star Race.  He and Chase Elliott would beat and bang and smoke all the way to the finish line with Larson winning by a nose.

It's a shame that can't be the case in the All Star Race in the end, but I think they took a step in the right direction Saturday night.

Next year there will probably be another new format, but ultimately in the end, it is up to the drivers to make this race exciting and something fans will always remember.  It's not the new formats or all the gimmicks, it's the RACING.

Now it's back to points racing as they will drop the green flag on the longest race of the year on Sunday in the Coke 600.  Here's to a less confusing night, but with all the problems during starts and re-starts, the controversy could continue.  But not all controversy is bad...

Saturday night's mess has me talking racing on a Monday.


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