Learn how to spot a drunk driver from your N Charlotte Toyota

Learn how to spot a drunk driver from your N Charlotte Toyota
drunk driving
drunk driving
Do you enjoy going out on the town on the weekends? It’s fun to explore the city and drive around with your friends – but you should always keep your safety in mind. While you may be a great driver in your N Charlotte Toyota, and you use defensive driving techniques while you’re on the road, sometimes it’s other drivers on the road you have to worry about. Unfortunately, people drink and still choose to get behind the wheel. This is not just very dangerous, but it’s also illegal. To keep you and your passengers safe, you should learn how to spot drunk driving.

How to identify drunk driving

When you’re behind the wheel on your N Charlotte Toyota, it’s important that you keep your eye out for erratic or hazardous drivers. If you want to know how to properly spot a drunk driver, Toyota of N Charlotte has tips to help!
If you suspect that someone is driving while drunk, look for:
  • Inability to drive straight
  • Swerving between lanes
  • Turned off headlights
  • Unusually wide turns
  • Sudden and abrupt stops
  • Tailgating or getting too close to other objects
  • Delayed start from a stop light or sign
If you notice these behaviors in a vehicle while you’re driving your N Charlotte Toyota, the first thing you should do is make you are not in any danger. You should stay behind and as far away as possible from the drunk driver so their erratic driving can’t put you in danger. 
Do NOT attempt to get a drunk driver’s attention. Flashing your headlights or trying to wave will only detach their attention from driving. You could put the driver or yourself in danger. Instead, you should pay close attention the car and the driver.
It’s your responsibility to report these drivers to the authorities if you believe they are driving while drunk. Collect as much information about the vehicle and driver as you can. Make note of the color, make and model of the vehicle. You should also jot down the license plate number. Once you have as much identifiable information as possible, pull over safely and call 911. Report to the police that you’ve witnessed drunk driving, and tell them all of the information that you gathered.
If your N Charlotte Toyota car has Bluetooth wireless connectivity, you can call the authorities hands-free. This allows you to stay behind the car that’s exhibiting drunk driving behaviors and make sure they don’t cause any accidents. Pay attention to your location so you the police can find the drunk driver easily.

Stay safe in your N Charlotte Toyota!

Now that you’ve reported drunk driving, make sure you get home safe! Our N Charlotte Toyota dealership wants to remind you to NEVER drink and drive. If you do drink, you should have a friend pick you up or call a cab to take you home safely.
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