Picking a color for your car paint job

Picking a color for your car paint job
picture: Charlotte auto body repairs
picture: Charlotte auto body repairs
Is your old car beginning to look a bit faded and outdated? If you’re in need of a car paint job from our Toyota Certified Collision Center in Charlotte, make sure you know what color you want! Our auto body shop techs can match the color you have now, or you can pick a whole new color! If you want to switch it up and get something new on the exterior of your car, starting thinking about what color. You may not realize it, but there are a lot of factors to consider before choosing a color for your car paint job in Charlotte! If you need help picking a color, remember these tips!

How to pick a color for a car paint job

When choosing a color for your upcoming Charlotte car paint job, keep in mind: safety, resale value, and maintenance. These are differently affected depending on the color you pick for your car.


There are two different safety matters to consider: visibility and theft. While it cannot be scientifically proven, there are number of studies that show colors painted lighter colors are safer to be driving in than dark colored cars. For example, one study says that you are 40 percent more likely to be hit driving a black car than driving a white car. White cars are easier for other drivers to see at night, while black and dark blue cars blend in with the night.
You should also consider car burglaries and car theft. Mainstream car colors are more likely to be stolen, while car thieves are less likely to steal a car with unique paint colors and patterns. This is because vehicles with uncommon car paint jobs have a better chance of being identified and found.


Do you plan on holding onto that car for a while after your Charlotte car paint job? If so, feel free to paint it a vibrant or irregular car. If you are going to sell the car, you should stick to more traditional colors. Drivers are more likely to buy a car with more mainstream colors like white, red, blue or black. Dealerships are also less likely to give you full value for a trade-in that’s painted a crazy color or pattern. To better maintain the higher value of your car, it’s best to keep it common car color.


Lighter colors will show dirt and grime faster than a dark colored car would. However, lighter colors like white and silver hide scratches and dents better than dark colors like blue, gray and black. Think about how often you want to wash your car, or how quickly you’re willing to get those damage fixed.

Ask the auto body experts in Charlotte!

Do you need help picking out a color for car? The experts at our Charlotte auto body shop can help you find a safe and valuable color for your car paint job. To schedule an appointment at our Toyota Certified Collision Center in Charlotte, give us a call at (888) 732-5310!