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WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Remembering Those Who Died for Us

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There’s a lot of rancor and divisiveness right now in our nation.

Such an “us versus them” mentality.

We see it in politics, in our toll lane debates, and in the heated discussions about H. B. 2.

But as we approach Memorial Day, we’d like to remind ourselves that we are the UNITED States of America.

In many ways, we’re the greatest nation the world has ever known.

But our success has not come without a price.

We’ve been involved in numerous wars through the years, both declared and undeclared.

We help keep the peace and fight terrorism across the planet.

Sadly, defending freedom comes at a cost.

That includes the lives of some of our best and brightest – brave young men and women who choose to serve their country.

And when they’re on the front line with explosions all around them,

we guarantee you they’re not thinking, “I’m just doing this for Republicans”…nor, “just for Democrats.”

They’re not saying, “I’m fighting for liberals, but not conservatives.”

They don’t tell themselves, “I’ll die for black Americans, but not white or Hispanic or Asian-Americans.”

No, they put their lives on the line for ALL Americans.

Many don’t make it back home.

And on Memorial Day, we remember their sacrifice and the loss endured by their loved ones.

Let us honor them by renewing our efforts to live together as ONE nation, under God.

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