Rain and racing

Thousand of NASCAR fans disappointed because of rain out
Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron at my desk in the WBTV Newsroom.
Heavy rain tonight, better conditions tomorrow—that’s the word from Eric Thomas who is hopeful the races will go as planned at Charlotte Motor Speedway.  Tonight’s truck race was washed away and has rescheduled for Saturday.

An odd happening near North Lake Mall tonight—two people in a rental car struck two other cars in traffic, then stopped and ran from police.  K-9’s were unable to track them in the wet weather.  They are believed to be possibly armed and police are warning nearby resident to keep a watch for any suspicious people.

Airport security at Charlotte-Douglas is ramping up now the summer travel season has begun coupled with the EqyptAir flight mysteriously crashing.  CNN is reporting tonight there were smoke alerts near the airliner cockpit in the minutes before it crashed.  Debris was found floating in the Mediterranean and the hunt is on for the plane’s black boxes.

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