BLOG: As a life long Atlanta Braves fan, I never thought it would get like this AGAIN

BLOG: As a life long Atlanta Braves fan, I never thought it would get like this AGAIN

I am an Atlanta Braves fan and I know there are tons of fans in this area.  Did you ever think it would get this bad AGAIN?

Off to one of their worst start EVER and the worst record in baseball, the Braves fired manager Fredi Gonzalez today.

The bad ole days are here again as they are currently 9-28.  YES, 9-28!  They have NO SHOT at the division title as they are currently 13 and half games out of first in the NL East.

They started the season 0-9, but it got worse.  Thru the first 30 games, the team was 7-23.  The worst 30 game start for the franchise since 1900.  YES, I said 1900.

Remember 1985 when the Braves went 66-96?

What about 1987 when they went 69-62?

Who can forget 1988 when they set the world on fire by going 54-106?

This current team is on the same path, but this isn't a shocker considering the roster this team has right now.

Atlanta has no one to blame but themselves for being this bad.  In the last few years, they have gotten rid of Jason Heyward, Justin Upton, Evan Gattis, Craig Kimbrell, and Andrelton Simmons.  All were to be the corner stones of future success in the ATL, but who cares about that now.

Let me TRY to be a little positive.

There are a few things to look forward to for Braves fans.

At least fans still get to see Freddie Freeman, but I don't know for how long.  He could get traded before the trade deadline and they would be doing him a favor if they did.

Also fans will get to cheer on the once again lowly Braves in the brand new Sun Trust Park in Cobb County next season.  Plenty of good seats will be available once the newness wears off and the losing continues.

Speaking of home, what a way to close the doors on Turner Field!  The team is 2-17 at home this season.

OK, so that positive thing didn't last long.

I don't see things changing any time soon, but I hope I am wrong.  Maybe they will open up the check book and sign A LOT of talent in the off season to go into the new stadium.  It's a noble concept, but I just don't see it.

(Sigh!) With that said, all we got are the memories now folks.

From 1991 to 2005, the team won 14 division titles.

In 1995, the Braves won Atlanta's first and only World Championship.

Those were great times.

All I can do now is shake my head and say, thank goodness the Charlotte Knights have a beautiful stadium in uptown Charlotte and a team that is currently in 1st place in the International League South Division.

There is some good baseball to watch this summer.



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