Quicken the used car shopping process!

Quicken the used car shopping process!
cheap used cars for sale
cheap used cars for sale
Has it been awhile since you were last in the market for a new ride? Shopping for cars isn’t something we do often, so it’s common to get rusty on the best practices. Luckily, our used car dealership in Charlotte is full of car shopping experts who can help you find the right ride for you. If you need a refresher on used car shopping, keep reading!

Used Car Shopping Tips

Your old car is outdated and unreliable – it’s time for an upgrade. Once you’ve set your mind to getting a new ride, you could become overwhelmed by the vast amount of options out there. Before you get stressed out, Toyota of N Charlotte can help. We can help you narrow down your options and ultimately find your next car; just use these tips:
  • Determine a budget. Figure out how much money you’re willing to spend on a pre-owned car. This will vastly eliminate options.
  • Make a list of your needs. Consider how much space you want or how much power you need. Think about what convenience features and technology you want at your fingertips.
  • Research makes and models. If you have an idea of what kind of car you want, your car search will be faster and easier. You can dramatically reduce your time by searching for the specific car you want.
Once you’ve found a car that meets all your criteria, it’s time to get in the driver’s seat. The next important steps to take when Charlotte used car shopping are to take a test drive and then inspect the car.
When you take a test drive and get it out on the open road, make sure you get a feel for how comfortable you feel while driving it. You should also pay close attention to how the car accelerates, brakes, turns, and sounds when it is running.
After your test drive, do a walk-around inspection of the Charlotte used car. You should check the exterior and interior thoroughly to ensure there are no damages. Keep your eye out for:
  • Faded or cracked paint
  • Chips in the windshield
  • Bald or bubbling tires
  • Water damage
  • Ripped, stain or torn seats
  • Cracks in the dashboard

Our pre-owned car dealership in Charlotte has reliable rides!

If you’re nervous about getting back out there and shopping for a used car, Toyota of N Charlotte is here for you! We can help you find the ride you’ve been dreaming of easily! We have a wide variety of pre-owned cars in different makes and models, including:
  • Used 2014 Ford Focus SE Sedan (Stk #: P4090) for just $12,995*!
  • Used 2010 Subaru Forester Auto 2.5X Premium SUV (Stk #: 6120021A) is just $13,495*!
  • Used 2013 Chrysler Town & Country Touring Van (Stk #: 6250220A) for only $17,995*!
  • Used 2013 Toyota Tacoma 2WD Double Cab V6 AT Prerunner Truck Double Cab (Stk #: 6710097A) is only $23,995*!
If you’re ready to put yourself back out there on the car shopping market, visit us! We’re located at 13429 Statesville Road, just off of I-77!

*Price excludes tax, tag, registration, and Administrative fee of $698.50.