Upgrade your N Charlotte Toyota with Toyota Safety Sense!

Upgrade your N Charlotte Toyota with Toyota Safety Sense!
new Toyota safety
new Toyota safety
Safety is something to always keep in mind. Driving comes with its occupational hazards and it’s important that you remain safe while behind the wheel. Thankfully, N Charlotte Toyota cars are manufactured to be safe! They come standard with top of the line safety systems like the Toyota Star Safety System and Advanced Airbag System. If you want to kick safe driving up a notch, you can take advantage of the available Toyota Safety Sense.

What is the N Charlotte Toyota Safety Sense?

This available advanced technology package has integrated safety features that are built to help prevent a collision. Using a slew of cameras and radars, Toyota Safety Sense helps prevent your N Charlotte Toyota from hitting other vehicles, obstacles, and even pedestrians. What are the integrated features available with Toyota Safety Sense? Check it out!

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

Using speed-sensing technology and a front camera, you N Charlotte Toyota can detect how fast the car in front of you is going and adjusts the speed of your car accordingly. This technology comes in handy when you’re cruising down the highway and another car suddenly gets in front of you and is driving slower than you were going.

Lane Departure Alert

If you’ve ever drifted from your lane, you know it can be a scary experience – especially if you almost caused a collision. Luckily, Lane Departure Alert can prevent this! Using a visual and audible alert, the Lane Departure will alert the driver if the car begins to drift out of the lane.

Automatic High Beams

Driving at night down a dark and open highway can be unnerving. High beams make for better visibility so you can be more confident while driving. Toyota Safety Sense’s Auto High Beams alternate your high beams on and off when oncoming cars are detected.

Pre-Collision System

By utilizing the front camera and speed-sensing tech, the N Charlotte Toyota detects how close you are to colliding with an object and how fast the car is traveling. If you do not apply the brakes in time, your new Toyota will do it for you and help you avoid an accident.

Pedestrian Detection

You can never predict when a pedestrian may step in front of your vehicle without warning. If this happens while you’re behind the wheel, the pedestrian detection will alert you and apply automatic braking. Toyota Safety Sense detects shape and reacts for you if you’re not quick enough to react.

Feel protected inside a new N Charlotte Toyota!

Standard in every new Toyota is peace of mind! We know you want to keep you and your family safe in the car, and that’s why we want you to put them in a N Charlotte Toyota. Our new Toyota cars are safe enough for even the most precious cargo.
If you want to get behind the wheel and see this technology work for yourself, come stop by and take a test drive! Our family-owned and operated dealership is located at 13429 Statesville Road, just off of I-77 at exit 23!