Apps to help maximize your Memorial Day vacation

Apps to help maximize your Memorial Day vacation

Memorial Day is right around the corner and we're helping you get the most out of your getaway!

A tech expert from Staymobile stopped by WBTV News Sunday Morning with a list of top apps you may find useful to navigate your holiday weekend.

1.  Get a Beach Body: Nike+ Training Club

If you want to spice up your gym routines but can't afford a personal trainer, Nike+ Training Club can help fill in the gaps. The app provides dozens of detailed workouts from trainers and athletes who show you exactly what to do in detailed video tutorials. The app helps users set and reach fitness goals by allowing you to customize workouts to fit your needs.

2. Find Nightlife: The Next Move

The perfect app for a night out on the town in a new city. It helps people visiting cities find the best bars, restaurants, and events. Just tell the app what city you're in, the neighborhood you're near and whether you want food or drinks.

3. Stay Organized: Passbook

The perfect app to stay organized during summer travel. No one wants to carry around printed tickets when they are out with friends, so Passbook allows users to organize their airline, ball game and movie tickets all on their phones.

4. Tan Better: iSunBurn

Too much sun is not only bad for your health but can also ruin your trip, so iSunBurn has you covered. It tells you what level of SPF to use and how long to stay in the sun based on your skin tone and the UV index of the day, so you'll be sure to return home bronzed, not burnt.