Huge snake

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron at my desk in the WBTV Newsroom.
Did you hear about the huge boa constrictor snake found by two biologists behind a restaurant on Independence Boulevard?  Rumors had people thinking it had been attacking cats, but those rumors were unfounded.  Carolina Waterfowl says the big snake was probably dumped there.
Neighbors in Piper Glen were out waving homemade signs on Rea Road during rush hour tonight.
They're fighting against a plan to put four 30-foot high Verizon cellphone towers in their neighborhood.  In some cases-- they'd be located in people's front lawns.

A Charlotte man is in jail after he stole a school bus and lead deputies on a chase through several counties.  The bus was stolen from Cannon School in Concord.  Police say Steven Karambelas refused to stop even when his tires were blown out.  He finally ran off the road in neighboring Davidson County where he told police this was his last hurrah.  We don’t know how he was able to steal the school bus.

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