Turtle smashes through windshield in freak interstate accident

Turtle smashes through windshield in freak interstate accident
(Courtesy: Nicole Bjanes)
(Courtesy: Nicole Bjanes)

ORLANDO, Fla. (WBTV) - A Florida woman got a shock earlier this week when a turtle smashed through the front windshield of her car while she was driving along the interstate.

Nicole Bjanes was driving along Interstate 4, near Orlando, when a car in front of hers hit a turtle attempting to cross the interstate. Bjanes says the turtle propelled "straight through the windshield!"

She told Ryan Raiche of WFTS in Tampa Bay the turtle then hit the passenger seat and landed back onto the car's dashboard.

"I was kind of hysterical," she said.

Bjanes says she suffered a cut on her forehead when the rear view mirror broke off.

As for the turtle, Bjanes posted that its tail looked split, but the shell was in tact and it survived the entire incident. She says she considered keeping the turtle, but an emergency worker who responded to the scene took it back to the water and watched it scurry away.

Turtle experts told WFTS it's a good sign, but the turtle could have been in shock.

"They're tough animals but they're not indestructible," said Kimberly Titterington with Swamp Girl Adventures in Kissimmee who frequently helps rehabilitate turtles. "The shell's purpose is to help keep the internal organs safe but only to a limit. A heavy impact can cause internal injuries."

Bjanes told Raiche she's glad no one was sitting in the passenger seat during the incident.

"Life is good and sometimes a little crazy," she wrote online. "Someone is keeping my on my toes and entertained."

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