Lincoln Co. man searches for beloved pet after crash

(Source: Gerald Johnson)
(Source: Gerald Johnson)

LINCOLN COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - I'm not asking to help find this dog for me, I'm asking for 81-year-old Gerald Johnson. He was in a head-on collision Monday and his beloved beagle, Kate, escaped from the car and ran off because she was scared.

Johnson is now out of the hospital, spending every day searching country roads in Lincoln County where he lost her.

One of his family friends reached out asking to please help. Kate, they say, is Johnson's baby. He's married and has two grown daughters – but his heart is all wrapped up in 3-year-old Kate. His whole family is helping him search.

"It's pitiful to see him out there," his friend said. "He's devastated. Neighbors are bringing him water and trying to get involved as well. He said he won't give up until Kate is back in his arms."

Here are the facts:

  • Johnson lives in Dallas, in Gaston County
  • On Monday, he and Kate were traveling on Shoal Road outside Cherryville
  • He was hit head on
  • Kate escaped
  • Johnson was taken to Lincolnton Medical Center
  • He had bleeding on the brain, so he was then transferred to Charlotte
  • He stayed overnight
  • When he got out Tuesday, he went straight to the accident scene
  • No luck - He didn’t find Kate
  • Johnson spent all day Wednesday and Thursday in a lawn chair on the side of the road where she was last seen
  • Family and friends are passing out flyers
  • He’s not giving up

"It brought me to tears to see him sitting there on the side of the road looking for his dog," a family friend said. "My husband and I drove back to the scene late last night to help look, and Gerald was still there sitting in his car with his family. I want to help him find his four-legged baby."

Feel free to share this and help him out.

Any questions? You can email me at mgr I can help get you in touch with Johnson.


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