Purse nabbers

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron at my desk in the WBTV Newsroom.
We’ve obtained some video from a viewer that should be a lesson to all women—be aware of your purse in a crowd.  This young woman went to Whiskey River bar at the Epicenter and hung her purse on the back of chair.  While she was talking to a man next to her, a well-dressed couple arm-in-arm walked by and picked her purse off the chair, then surveillance shows them walking out with it.  They used her keys to find her car in the parking garage and stole items from it.  You’ll hear from the victim at 11:00.
The mother of a missing girl from Tennessee puts out a desperate plea tonight.  Her daughter, 9-year old Carlie Trent, was taken out of school by her uncle one week ago.  Authorities say he bought camping gear and may have taken the girl to a campsite—possibly in North Carolina.  As you might imagine, the mother wants her daughter back safe and sound.
Weather could be dicey tomorrow as that storm front that produced tornadoes in the Midwest arrives in the Carolinas.  Eric Thomas says we could see some strong thunderstorms.  His First Alert Forecast at 11:00.
And, happy birthday to Cam Newton who turned the ripe old age of 27 today.
Please join Molly Grantham, Eric Thomas, Delano Little and me for WBTV News at 11:00 tonight!