Robbers get thousands in diamond jewelry in smash and grab

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(Photo provided to WBTV)
(Photo provided to WBTV)
(Photo provided to WBTV)
(Photo provided to WBTV)

MORGANTON, NC (WBTV) - It only took about 30 seconds, say investigators, for two thieves armed with a hammer to get away with dozens of diamond rings at a jewelry store in downtown Morganton.

The crooks came into Gregory Jewelers just before 9 am Tuesday and immediately smashed two glass cases with a hammer. They can be seen on surveillance video grabbing trays of diamond rings.

The two wore motorcycle helmets but witnesses were able to describe them as one white male and a black male.

Store manager Darwin Wilder thought about trying to stop them but didn't.

"One kept reaching into his duffel bag and telling me it's not worth it."

Wilder says he thought the man might have had a gun.

Less than a minute after it started, it was over as the two men fled down an alley, jumped onto a motorcycle and took off.

Sarah Jones was just down the street crossing over with her dogs when the motorcycle came speeding by.

"They almost hit us," she said.

While she didn't get a good look at the two men aboard, she did see the motorcycle.

"It was a crotch rocket style motorcycle, red and black."

Authorities are asking anyone who might have any information to call the Morganton Public Safety department.

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