Matthews Heritage Museum book sale in time for Father's Day

Matthews Heritage Museum book sale in time for Father's Day

MATTHEWS, NC (WBTV) - Looking for a special gift for your dad this Father's Day? If he is interested in the history or wars, you are in luck. The Matthews Heritage Museum is selling over two hundred books on World Wars I and II, along with books on other military topics, and other conflicts around the world.

The museum was given the books by Craig Marek of Matthews. According to Barbara Taylor, Director of the Matthews Heritage Museum, "Mr. Marek liked the idea of helping the museum, and he really didn't mind what we did with them."

"These books were well-written by a who's who of Military Historians of the late 60s and early 70s," Taylor said of the collection.

"The museum has not done very much to fundraise.  The Foundation, our parent organization, usually holds the fundraisers. I thought this could be a way to raise money, but not compete with the foundation.  I am hoping we can use it to fund some new educational programs," Taylor said.

One of the people sorting through Mr. Marek's donation noticed the author of one book. They did some research and chose to sell that particular book on eBay.

"The book called Chain Mail, was written by Gary Gygax who created Dungeons and Dragons. We knew that the book could bring in a substantial amount of money if sold to the right person. That one book brought in over $450," Taylor said.

But most of the books at the sale are in the $1 and $2-dollar range. Most expensive I could find was going for ten dollars.

"The Mission of the Matthews Historic Foundation is to research, preserve, and protect the cultural, architectural, and historical heritage of Matthews and to involve and educate future generations of this heritage," according to Taylor.

You can see the books at the Matthews Heritage Museum at 232 N Trade Street, Matthews, North Carolina 28105. They are open Thursday through Saturday from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

To view a list of book in alphabetical order, you can visit,

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