Drivers seeing major development taking shape in York County

Drivers seeing major development taking shape in York County

YORK COUNTY, SC (WBTV) - Drivers are starting to notice a major development taking shape in York County along Highway 160 near Interstate 77.

The Kingsley development is the latest mixed use plan for the Fort Mill area. Passing motorists will see signs, more construction, and a replica smoke stack bearing the name "Kingsley."

Thousands of jobs have already been announced with with two major corporate office relocation. The Lash Group and LPL Financial offices will be in Kingsley.

A retail center will add shopping, restaurants, and a new hotel. A large lake will also be part of the master plan.

"They'll be some national chain restaurants, they'll be some more local concepts," said Dan Mummey with Clear Springs Development Group.

Brixx Pizza, Carolina Ale House and Orange Theory Fitness are among the companies that have already signed leases. Conversations are ongoing with about half a dozen other retailers, Mummey said. Construction is already underway on a Courtyard Marriott that will open in 2017.

Mummey said the development's design will be make it unique. "Kingsley is going to focus on the textile industry and the traditions and history that we have," Mummey said.

Apartments are planned above some of the retail shops, Mummey said. The development could be another big draw to the growing area.

"It's really about the experience and the place, so having all these different mixed uses, you'll got and you'll spend a day somewhere," Mummey said.

Clear Springs Development also developed Baxter Village, located just across the interstate from the future site of Kingsley. WBTV interviewed shoppers at Baxter who are excited to have more options on the horizon.

"I pass it all the time, it looks like a carbon copy of what we have here," said Mark Hairston.

Neighbors who live in Baxter say the convenience is what attracts them to the mixed use concepts that have become so popular in Charlotte and other cities.

"I moved everything here when I moved here, my doctor, dentist, everything," Kim Lee continued. "I put only 5,000 miles on my car that first year I moved here."

While many are already concerned about traffic along busy Highway 160, developers say they have already started planning for the added cars.

"We didn't phase the traffic improvements, that we are required to do for our traffic impact analysis, we actually put all of those in up front so we didn't have to come back in and tear streets up to widen them," Mummey said.

Roads are already being paved inside the Kingsley development, construction on traffic arms is underway, and another entrance has already been built along U.S. Highway 21. A second exit and entrance way should alleviate some of the congestion, developers said.

Several of the announced shops plan to be open later this year.

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