Teen says he was cooking pork chops when Charlotte house fire started

Teen says he was cooking pork chops when Charlotte house fire started

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Several Charlotte firefighters responded to a house fire on Wearn Court in north Charlotte Wednesday night.

The home was scorched. Luckily, firefighters say no one was in the home when they arrived on scene.

The fire started in the kitchen, according to Battalion Chief Brian Kurzel with the Charlotte Fire Department.

Eighteen-year-old Mikel White told WBTV he was cooking when the fire started.

"I was making pork chops and then fire just came in the kitchen. I went in the kitchen, beat the fire, and then it got worse," said White.

He said the flames were a frightening sight. He explained that his efforts to fan the fire with a towel only made the situation worse.

"Fire everywhere," White described. "It was small at first and then it got bigger."

He said he was forced to rush outside and call 911. Neighbors told WBTV they tried to enter the home when they saw smoke.

"We thought it was a little small fire but when we went in the kitchen, it was too much," said neighbor LaToyia Brice.

Fire officials say they don't recommend neighbors trying to enter a home that could be on fire.

"Stay out of the house. Let us do our job. We don't want to rescue neighbors trying to do a good deed," said Kurzel.

He estimates the home suffered $45,000 in damage. The fire is still under investigation.

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