Crime Stoppers: 'Dabbin' thief leaves evidence

Police search for 'dabbing' thief

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A burglar breaks in the hard way but leaves a piece of himself behind. Police have some evidence, but need your help to stop this crowbar-wielding crook from stealing TV's.

It happened on a Saturday night Freedom Smokes business, just off an I-85 access road.

Surveillance video shows a stocky man in a checked shirt, shorts and flip flops peering in the front door.  We can see someone else in the passenger side of the car, but we never get a good look at them.  After a few minutes, he gets in and they both take off.

"Twenty minutes later, he transforms into his criminal clothes, comes back in all black," said CMPD Detective Tori Roddey, "and that's when he breaks into the business."

This time he's alone, and he's brought along a crowbar.

"At first, the crowbar he used was going to pry the door open, but once it wasn't working, he just went back to what he knows and start wailing on the glass till it broke."

But this process wasn't so easy-- it takes him several minutes of prying and beating the glass before he makes a big enough hole to reach through. And that's where he made a mistake.

"That's where he messed up, when he went in there and put his hand through because trying to come back out, he cut himself."

It's blood evidence which could lead to identification if he's committed previous crime.

"We have blood evidence."

Once inside, he notices a surveillance camera.

"As soon as he sees the camera he notices it, he ducks his head down, as if, he looks like he was doing a dab like Cam Newton."

Next, we see him hauling a 55", 80-pound television out on his back.  He lugs it across the parking lot and loads it up.  What he doesn't know is that flat screen was only used for one thing.

"The TV he got was basically used for surveillance.  It has a burn in it so you really have no use for it."

For his late night efforts, he wound up with a bad TV and a cut hand.  Police theorize that since it took him only 20 minutes to leave and change clothes, he must live nearby, possibly along the Beatties Ford corridor.

If you think you know him, call call Crime Stoppers at (704) 334-1600 to claim a reward.

And here's a reminder of the Crime Stoppers motorcycle ride on Saturday, May 21 - full details at All monies go to help fund rewards to stop crime.

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