Sheep missing from Huntersville possibly captured in Lincoln County

Sheep missing from Huntersville possibly captured in Lincoln County

LINCOLN COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - If the sheep caught on Monday afternoon in Denver, NC is the same sheep missing from Huntersville, she's traveled more than 7 miles and likely over the Catawba River to get there.

"Sheila" the sheep went missing two weeks ago after becoming separated from her herd at the Scottish Festival at Rural Hill in Huntersville in Mecklenburg County.

The white, recently-shorn sheep was spotted several times near Beatties Ford Road shortly after going missing. After WBTV first reported the wayward sheep, several sightings were reported near highway 73 off of highway 16 in Denver.

While the trek may seem unlikely, Sheila's owner, a Cleveland County veterinarian, seemed to think it wasn't impossible.

Several local residents tried to capture the skittish sheep with no luck.

Monday afternoon, firefighters from East Lincoln Fire Department spotted the sheep near traffic and successfully corralled her into a nearby pasture owned by Tony Jones.

The sheep is currently in an enclosed area while she "calms down."

Jones suggested she was very excited after being corralled. The owner will attempt to verify she's the same sheep missing from his herd and, if so, take her home.

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