WBTV Speak Out Editorial: The "Bathroom Bill" - Not N.C.'s Most Urgent Need

WBTV Speak Out Editorial: The "Bathroom Bill" - Not N.C.'s Most Urgent Need

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It’s hard to recall a more contentious issue facing North Carolina than the recent legislative response to Charlotte’s “bathroom bill.”
The original ordinance would have allowed people who are transgender to use bathrooms and locker rooms based on their identity, not their biological sex.
“House Bill 2,” the state’s response, effectively nullified the local ordinance and went further, limiting how people pursue claims of discrimination.
There are legitimate concerns on both sides, and when it comes to race, sex, religion and politics, it seems there is little unity across North Carolina.
In fact, our own Editorial Board is divided on both the need for the original ordinance and the legality of the state’s response.
Despite hours of spirited discussion, we could find no consensus.
There’s a lot of passion surrounding HB2, and chances are, you’re talking about it in your home as well.
But it seems to us that North Carolina is faced with many more pressing issues than the “bathroom bill.”
We drive on crumbling roads, our public education system is underfunded and nationally ranks near the bottom, and the threat of violent crime is an everyday reality.
We can do better than this.
What our Board would really like to see come out of this is government tackling real issues with the speed and urgency the legislature showed in crafting HB2.

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