Prince mural in Statesville drawing crowds

Prince mural getting a lot of attention

STATESVILLE, NC (WBTV) - Since it was painted on the side wall of The New South Gallery and Studio in Downtown Statesville, the mural that depicts Prince from the album cover "Purple Rain" has drawn hundreds of onlookers.

"It's been almost non-stop since it was noticed," said Rogelio Calvo, who commissioned the mural by an artist who goes by ALX DLRG from Charlotte.

Thursday morning, dozens of people entered the parking lot just to take pictures and selfies with the mural.

"I wanted to come out and see this mural. It's absolutely breathtaking, it looks just like him," said Misti Goodman of Statesville.

The mural was commissioned to celebrate the upcoming Calabreze Jazzfest. Although it is beautiful and certainly a popular site, the mural will likely be removed soon.

The painting wasn't approved by city council so it will be treated just like graffiti.

Many hope the outpouring of support for the legendary performer will cause the council to reconsider and allow the mural to stay.

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