'Widen I-77' group not giving up fight against toll lanes

'Widen I-77' group not giving up fight against toll lanes

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The group WidenI77 is celebrating their one year anniversary by not giving up.

One year ago, the group assembled and gathered on the Exit 28 bridge. Leaders of the group say, at that time, no county board or town would go on record opposing the toll project.

A year later that has changed and many now oppose the toll road.

The group wants the state to pay to widen Interstate 77 for free use - instead of placing toll lanes for drivers to pay to use.

A contract has been signed and work has started to build the toll lanes on Interstate 77, but the group believes it's not too late to put a halt to the state's plans. The group even planned to file a lawsuit to prevent the toll lanes.

Two state lawmakers recently introduced legislation to cancel the toll lane plans.

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Friday, a year after the group's birth, WidenI77 will gather again to announce a change in their lawsuit.

The group says announcing the change and gathering on the bridge Friday will help them send the message they're still here and not going away.

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