Molly's Kids: Odd-beater wants others to break through 'comfort zone'

(Source: Jesi Stracham)
(Source: Jesi Stracham)

LINCOLN COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - You might have read about Jesi last May. This Lincoln County girl reached out after being paralyzed in a horrible accident.

A year later, she's an odd-beater. An inspiration-finder. An obstacle-overcomer. Whatever your phraseology – Jesi Stracham is the real deal making a difference and (might I add) smiling while doing so.

Jesi is representing North Carolina in the Ms. Wheelchair USA pageant at the end of July in Ohio.

This pageant is different from most.

Less about image, more about change.

"I want to move people to leave their comfort zone to live life," she told me. "Regardless if they're walking or not."

Jesi and a friend were on a motorcycle in January of 2015 – Jesi was on the back – when a woman made a U-turn right in front of the bike on Brookshire Boulvard off I-85. They couldn't stop in time. Jesi woke up a week later, a 22-year-old suddenly unable to move her legs.

Read more about the wreck (and a now-former boyfriend she met during treatment) in my post from last May, HERE

"Your article helped me get attention from The Boston Globe and interest from The Today Show," Jesi said. "It also helped me know I want to keep challenging myself. I want to use my platform to see how far I can push me to be the best me I can be."

Jesi is NOT just all talk. She's also action, pushing herself to practice what she's preaching about getting out of your comfort zone. This coming weekend Jesi, a self-proclaiming NON-singer, is signing the National Anthem in front of a huge crowd at the Wheelchair Motorcross (WCMX) Competition in Texas.

Singing publicly? The National Anthem?

"Not me," She says. "I don't do that. I don't sing. So right now I'm really nervous. But I want to try. I want to break down my own personal barriers. Otherwise, what's the point?"

An attitude to learn from.

Read more about Jesi on her Facebook page.

Good luck this weekend!


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