Entertainment goers caught in middle of HB 2

Entertainment goers caught in middle of HB 2

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Kenyon Stanley was hoping to lighten the load for his ailing mother.

"Well it was mid-March and we were trying to decide what a good present for my mother would be because she was in the middle of some intense radiation for lymph node cancer," he said.

The family came up with the plan to take her to the see Cirque du Soleil during its summer tour at Time Warner Cable Arena. However, House Bill 2 is putting the brakes on a number shows coming to North Carolina.

The cancellation created a flurry of headlines that Stanley and so many others who bought tickets were caught in the middle.

"The news came last week when Cirque decided to pull the show, because of the law," he said. "I understand that they wanted to make a political statement, but hurt their fans. Their political statement ultimately hurt their fans."

However, Stanley is ultimately fighting back by writing the entertainment group an open letter on Facebook.

It says in part "There are other ways to affect change and I am disappointed beyond belief that you chose to hurt the people you depend on."

The production company did issue a statement that says it strongly believes in diversity and equality for every individual and is opposed to discrimination in any form.

"The decision that Cirque made impacted my family and these are the consequences, and I'm sure I'm not alone," Stanley said.

Stanley and the other ticket holders are entitled to refunds.

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