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Bolivia fire 80% contained, caused by debris burning

Several fire crews are at the scene of a large woods fire in Bolivia Tuesday afternoon. (Source: BCSO) Several fire crews are at the scene of a large woods fire in Bolivia Tuesday afternoon. (Source: BCSO)
(Source: BCSO) (Source: BCSO)
(Source: BCSO) (Source: BCSO)

The approximately 1,540-acre woods fire in Bolivia is about 80 percent contained as of Friday morning, according to the NC Forest Service.

Chris Meggs of the NC Forest Service said on Friday that the fire was started by debris burning. An investigation is still under way to to determine whether law enforcement action is necessary.

The fire burned throughout Wednesday night into Thursday morning, and crews worked around the clock to get it contained. According to Meggs, the fire was manned 24/7.

"They'll be patrolling, looking for spots jumping our containment lines, really anything from patrolling to equipment protection," stated Meggs."It's been 'nonstop' for firefighters. There has been quite a few fires in the last little bit. Many of the firefighters are volunteers, they've had to stop what they are doing and donate hours at a time to help, it is very little rest."

The fire is being managed by the NC Forest Service Whiteville District's Type 3 incident management team. Over 25 personnel, four Type 6 engines, eight fire dozers, one helicopter, three SEATs, one patrol plane and one lead plane have been used to battle the flames, according to the NC Forest Service.

"We do not want it to grow any more, fire can escape the fire line. We don’t use the word controlled until it is out, we will not use that word for some time now, but we do want to get to a point of containment," said Meggs. "Containment is our word for we do have lines around all of it. But, even when we do that with wind blowing debris embers and debris, it can escape the line and be off to the races again and we are trying to prevent that and do everything we can to keep it where it is now."

The fire was first reported at around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday by a resident in the 1700 block of Clemmons Drive, according to the Brunswick County Communications Center.

Smoke and ashes covered portions of Wilmington Tuesday as a result of the flames.

NC Forestry officials conducted a burn out, or controlled burn, Wednesday around midnight. 

The Wilmington Fire Department asked residents of New Hanover County to refrain from calling 911 when seeing smoke and ashes and to only call if flames were visible. 

Scott Garner, fire marshal for Brunswick County, said there have been no reports of injuries or damage to homes.

Officials issued non-mandatory evacuations Tuesday to residents in the area. Anyone who lives in the path of the fire and felt threatened could head to Antioch Church on Midway Road for shelter.

Mobile users: Slideshow of the wildfire

According to the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office, HWY 211 and Midway Road were reopened to traffic. Gilbert Road was still closed Wednesday morning. 

The Sheriff's Office is advising that you use caution and avoid the area if possible.

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