Gas station fixes pump overcharging customers after WBTV investigation

Gas pump overcharging customers
(Corey Schmidt | WBTV)
(Corey Schmidt | WBTV)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A Gastonia gas station is fixing its gas pumps following an On Your Side investigation.

A concerned viewer called On Your Side Investigates after he filled up at the Speedway gas station on Highway 321 and noticed the gas pump kept spinning after he finished pumping gas.

William Dorn, the concerned viewer, took video on his cell phone of the pump still rolling as if gas were being pumped with the nozzle next to the rolling numbers.

"I quit pumping and the numbers on the meter kept going up like I was pumping gas but no gas was coming out," Dorn said. "I was like 'wait a minute, no, no, no this can't be right. I went inside and I let the woman who was working know the issue."

Dorn said he told gas station staff but they didn't do anything. He said he drove back by the gas station several times after he alerted attendants about the issue but the pump was still in use.

On Your Side Investigates went to the pump, too. We topped off our tank, pull the pump out and saw the numbers continue to roll back. We went inside to alert the gas station clerk on duty, who didn't seem very concerned at first.

"Wow. I don't know what to tell you. You can come back tomorrow and talk to the manager," the clerk first told us.

Eventually, the clerk decided to go bag off the pump.

On Monday, an inspector with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture's Division of Weights and Measures went to the gas station to inspect all of the pumps.

The inspector told On Your Side Investigates that the gas pump that continued to roll after gas was done pumping had been fixed but that he found other issues, include two leaking hoses and one pump with a computer that jumped to $0.23 when you picked the nozzle up.

Those problems, the inspector said, will be fixed by the gas station.

Dorn, who alerted us to the problem, said he's happy to see the gas station take action to fix the pumps.

"Who knows if it's just that pump? It could be all of the pumps," Dorn said. "Earlier it was just $0.34 they overcharged me but that $0.34 for one person turns into $0.34 for a hundred people to a thousand people daily. That turns into a lot of money."

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