Experts discuss how to keep the blood supply safe

Experts discuss keep the blood supply safe

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Sunday morning, Martin Grable, President and CEO of Community Blood Center of the Carolinas, stopped by WBTV to discuss how CBCC is using innovative steps to keep the blood supply safe.

CBCC is one of only a handful of blood centers in the nation to offer the INTERCEPT Blood System, a cutting-edge device that enables them to take blood safety to a whole new level.

It uses a four-step process that includes a compound and UV light to inactivate a broad spectrum of viruses and bacteria in platelet and plasma. With the emergence of new pathogens, including dengue, chikungnya, and now Zika, pathogen reduced platelets will become an important tool to help sustain the platelet supply and protect patients against the risk of these new and emerging threats.
You can find out more about INTERCEPT and how do donate blood at

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