BLOG: Hundreds of Charlotte women raise thousands for childhood cancer drug trial

BLOG: Hundreds of Charlotte women raise thousands for childhood cancer drug trial

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A uniquely fantastic way to start off a morning. It reminded 350 women in one room what matters.

The Isabella Santos Foundation was trying to raise $50,000 in one morning because if they did, a sponsor was going to match it and $100,000 would then be ready to fund a new trial that could save the lives of 11 kids.

That's what in the first picture of this slideshow you see, 11 "kids" around the crowd of us.

You might say, "Only 11 children? Well, that's no big deal." Tell that to the parent of one of those eleven. To them, this trial could be everything.

The ISF is very specific about how it asks for money. They want you to know where it goes in the fight against neuroblastoma. Donations from this morning
are going towards a drug that helps kids NOT relapse once their scans are clear. As it stands now, doctors have to wait 90 days to give that drug. In those 90 days,  tumors will pop back up in eleven children.

This is horrible because if you relapse with neuroblastoma, you have zero chance. I'll repeat that.

There is currently NO CURE once a child who fought neuroblastoma relapses.

Isabella, for instance, relapsed 5 times before she died.

Isabella's mom and dad, Erin and Stuart, have met with the doctor in Michigan working on giving this drug to kids immediately. Levine Children's Hospital
is working with that doctor as well, which means children in Charlotte are eligible for the trial. This Michigan doctor has introduced Erin and Stuart to kids who are surviving BECAUSE OF money from the Isabella Santos Foundation.

That's some pretty specific, real-life stuff.

There's a reason the Isabella Santos Foundation was voted "Best Charity in Charlotte." There's a reason they've been able to not just raise but DONATE one million dollars in a short amount of time specifically to research and finding a cure. There's a reason they're making an impact.

I was honored to be their emcee this morning.

Thank you, ISF, for having me. And a huge thanks to the 350 women in our room who might have just made a life-or-death difference to eleven children.

See what I mean? A uniquely fantastic way to start off a morning.


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