91-year-old firefighter gets prestigious award

Retired veteran firefighter gets award

CABARRUS COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Arthur Kluttz is a man of few words, but many, many years of service to his community. The 91-year-old man was honored Tuesday with the Governor's Award for Volunteer Service for his 74 years of commitment to the Mount Pleasant Volunteer Fire Department in Cabarrus County.

Kluttz started his distinguished career with MPFD in 1941, back when fire technology was no where near as advanced as it is today.

"What we had to start with was a 1938 chassis truck, and all we could do was use the pressure from the water system," Kluttz said.

Along with serving the fire department, Kluttz also served for 49 years as a town council member in Mount Pleasant. He's also contributed to numerous organizations in Cabarrus County, roles he still fills today.

Kluttz continues to work full-time at his family business, Miller Lumber.

"I come just about every day, every day that I can," Klutz said.

Kluttz won't gloat about himself. In fact, it was almost hard to get him to talk about himself at all.

"That's just that generation," said Arthur's son, Lee. "They're a humble generation, and he's just humble."

Kluttz turns 92 on Thursday.

The United Way Central Carolinas sent a statement about Arthur.

Arthur has contributed, in many ways, to Mount Pleasant Fire and Rescue for over 74 years. Starting as a member in 1974, he was appointed as fire chief 22 years later. Even after retiring in 1991, he still attends every fire meeting faithfully. Over the course of those strong and dedicated 74 years, Arthur was named Cabarrus County Firefighter of the Year (1971 and 1982), Mount Pleasant Firefighter of the Year (1982 and 1992), led construction for the new fire station (1974), and served on the Town Board of Directors (1957). Even after experiencing two life-changing setbacks in recent years, he earned the title of Firefighter of the Year in 2014 from the NC State Grange and Saint John Grange of Cabarrus County.

He is a man of little words, but anyone you ask will agree that he is the pillar that holds up Cabarrus County.

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