105-year-old Rock Hill woman still bowls, dances regularly

105-year-old won't let age slow her down

ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) - Even though May Williams insists she doesn't move as fast as she used to, the 105-year-old woman still gets around like someone half her age.

"I don't hop up out of a chair as fast as I used to," Williams said.

But the fact of the matter is, she still hops out of a chair. The Rock Hill woman lives by herself in an independent living facility at Westminster Towers. She participates in a bowling league three times a week and has a tournament coming up in May.

"I used to be much better, but I can't see as good now," Williams said. She suffers from macular degeneration, a disease that's caused her to lose most of her central vision.

Other than her eyes, the woman is in tip-top shape. She doesn't take any prescription medicines and her hearing is spot-on.

"I really enjoy life," Williams said, adding an extra, "I really do."

She doesn't have any particular secret to living such a long and healthy life. But when people ask her the question, she gives them such a simple answer.

"The Lord hasn't called me yet, and when he does I'll go. But I'm enjoying while I'm living."

Asked if she has any advice for younger people, Williams says she would suggest telling folks to slow it down.

"Don't hurry so much."

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