VIDEO: Brothers convince sister zombie apocalypse is happening

VIDEO: Brothers convince sister zombie apocalypse is happening

(WBTV) - Everyone loves a good prank, but a set of brothers has raised the bar for the rest of us after a video shows them convincing their little sister that the zombie apocalypse was underway.

Now... she was under the influence of heavy medications after having her wisdom teeth removed. So - there is that.

YouTube user Cabot Phillips posted the video Monday and it has already been viewed by thousands of people.

"Last week my sister was high from wisdom teeth surgery and our friends, family and dentist convinced her that a zombie outbreak was happening," Phillips tweeted.

The prank included a fake radio announcement purportedly from the Centers for Disease Control and a worried phone call from mom.

At one point in the video, the brother force Millicent to decide between saving the dog or the cat. She chooses the cat without a second thought.

"That cat, you idiot!" she shouts in response. "He (the dog) is the worst. He's already dying. Just leave him, get the cat."

When her prankster brothers opt to arm themselves with garden tools, she questions the decision.

"A garden hoe isn't what we want," she said. "We have guns, why are you putting garden equipment in the car?"

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