Car exhaust smoke guide!

Car exhaust smoke guide!
Toyota service in Charlotte
Toyota service in Charlotte
Have you noticed any smoke billowing out from the back of your car? Car exhaust smoke is something that happens to a lot of cars, but it shouldn’t be ignored. If you notice smoke coming from your car exhaust, you should immediately seek out Toyota service in Charlotte. Our expert auto service technicians will be able to identify the reason for the smoke based on the color!

Car exhaust smoke guide

If you have a problem with car exhaust smoke and want to know why it happens, our Charlotte Toyota service techs can help you narrow down the cause! Depending on the color of the smoke, you could have a number of different issues. Use this guide to help determine what’s wrong with your car!

Blue or gray smoke

If you catch a glimpse of car exhaust smoke with a blue or gray tint, this is a sign that your car is long overdue for a Charlotte oil change. When old oil begins to burn it put offs a blue smoke that comes out of the muffler.
It’s not always the motor oil. If an oil change doesn’t fix the problem, the other cause of the issue could be a malfunctioning valve stem seal or a failed piston ring. If this is the case, you should have our Toyota service technicians fix it as soon as possible.

Black smoke

Do you see black smoke in your rearview mirror? This is a possible indication that you have a clogged air filter. Fortunately, this is a quick fix with an air filter replacement. If an air filter replacement doesn’t do the trick, your car could be facing leaky fuel injectors or a bad fuel pressure regulator. Get it all checked out at our Charlotte auto service center.

White smoke

It’s very important that if you see thick white smoke coming from your car exhaust, that you immediately get your car to our Toyota Service Center. White smoke is clear indicator that your engine is in trouble. This type of smoke could mean either:
  • Your car has a blown head gasket.
  • The engine has a damaged cylinder head.
  • The engine block is cracked.
If you notice a small amount of almost clear smoke come from your car exhaust when you first start it in the morning, this is nothing to worry about. This is normal as your engine starts and your muffler starts doing its job. If the smoke continues and begins to thicken, this is something to be concerned about!

Schedule Charlotte auto service when you see smoke!

If you notice blueish, black or white smoke coming from your car – you should have it brought to our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte ASAP! Our auto service professionals can identify the problem and have it fixed in no time. You don’t want to neglect smoke coming from your muffler as it could cause extensive damage that will cost you expensive auto repairs.
To schedule an appointment at our car maintenance center in Charlotte, give us a call at (888) 378-1214!