Shaking off the chill, pedestrian killed on I-485

Good morning!  Kristen Miranda filling in for Christine Sperow this morning.  I know, it's Monday...but it's can do this!

And we'll start with some good news to get you out of bed...those cold temperatures over the weekend...bye-bye!  No more freezing overnight lows.  Meteorologist Chris Larson will have your forecast.

It won't mean anything for your commute this morning but into the late night hours last night a few miles of I-485 in south Charlotte were closed.  A driver hit someone walking along the highway.  Now police are investigating and we will tell you where they stand.

Gastonia police are searching for the person who shot a 12-year-old girl a home invasion.  Our Ashton Pellom is on that story this morning - he'll tell us how that young girl is doing.

One town is considering banning e-cigarettes from public parks.

New evidence in the murder of Michael Jordan's father could mean a new trial for a man convicted in the killing.

Facebook is a little worried about you...because you don't seem to be sharing every little detail of your life on the social network.  So it's doing a few things to get people more engaged.

And thieves targeting you...on your cell phone.  Why?  Think about it...your phone is pretty much within arm's reach every second of the day.  They can get to you easily.  But we'll show you how to protect yourself.

John Carter and Chris will get things started at 4:30am.  Brody O'Connel, Ashton and I will join them at 5am.  We hope YOU will join us when you wake up!