The Charlotte Observer moves from iconic offices

The Charlotte Observer moves

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - When you walk into the door of 600 South Tryon Street, you can almost feel a heart beating inside the building.

It's the heart of an institution of journalism. It's the heart of advertising. It's the heart of thousands of people who've walked through those same doors and worked in the building since 1971.

"We've had celebrations of Pulitzers right there," said health reporter Karen Garloch. Those words come with a welling of the tears.

"We've had so many goodbyes, all right there," as she points to a table that now holds an assortment of snacks.

The Charlotte Observer has operated in the building since 1971. The five-story space was built to house a newspaper. It served its purpose well over all those years.

It housed memories, broken hearts, goodbyes, hellos, and lots and lots of news.

Kathleen Purvis is a food editor for the newspaper. She walked out of the newsroom for the last time Friday carrying computer speakers, a coffee can and a bag.

As she exited the doors she said with a sigh, "Onward and upward baby!"

The Charlotte Observer is moving just a few blocks east of their current location into the NASCAR Hall of Fame building. It's a move that's necessary. The current building is old. Its heartbeat is faint now. Some escalators haven't worked in months, the elevators are hit or miss, according to some employees, and the building is just drab.

The Observer's new space is bright, modern, and with all the bells and whistles that make moving into it something exciting.

Friday was the last day for employees inside the old building. Many tears were shed, and many more will likely come before that light switch is flipped off.

"Onward and upward, baby."

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