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WBTV Secrets: Alex Giles' awkward years

Alex Giles (Photo courtesy of Alex Giles) Alex Giles (Photo courtesy of Alex Giles)
Alex Giles (Photo courtesy of Alex Giles) Alex Giles (Photo courtesy of Alex Giles)
Alex Giles (WBTV) Alex Giles (WBTV)
Alex Giles (WBTV) Alex Giles (WBTV)

It’s time for Alex Giles Station Secret!

Seeing is believing! Check out those pictures…

Alex was – at one time – a little awkward. We’ll call him the caterpillar that turned into the butterfly.

He was just a normal kid through the fourth or fifth grade. Then things started to go downhill… He couldn’t see the overhead projector. (We were trying to decide whether those were still around. We decided no.) Anyway, he had to get glasses. He wasn’t into the contacts, he says they were too hard to install. At first, he only wore the glasses in class to see the board. Then he started wearing them more and more. Turns out, seeing ROCKS!

Then things went from bad to worse.

Yep! His teeth were crooked. That meant braces. If you’re wondering, he did wear the cool colored rubber bands, green and black or silver were his signature colors. He lived in Philly at the time, so he had to support his Eagles.

The caterpillar transitioned to the butterfly in stages. He got the braces off after a few years. Then when he was a junior in high school, he went for the contacts.

Look at him now...

He was "the man" in Steve Crump's "man on the street" interview on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill before UNC's championship game. For the Carolina fans at the station, it ended up being a sad day. Still, we had Alex Giles’ “one shining moment”. I think our friend, Katie McKiever tweeted it best with “sun’s out… guns out”.

He's come a long way, that Alex Giles...

**Katie just made me realize why we enjoyed Alex's interview so much. The whole newsroom & studio stopped to watch because - OMG! Someone we know is being interviewed on the news!***

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