10-year-old girl sparks chain of 'kindness'

10-year-old gives advice on being kind

KANNAPOLIS, NC (WBTV) - A simple gesture of kindness from a 10-year-old girl is making waves in Kannapolis.

Emily David returned a lost dog to its owner a few weeks ago. Emily found the dog roaming her neighborhood, and went with her mom to have him scanned for a microchip.

Emily had no idea the dog was a service animal trained to detect seizures for its owner.

That owner was overjoyed and gave Emily a $50 gift card for Build-a-Bear so she could go make herself a teddy bear as a reward.

But that's not what Emily did.

She made three bears with the money and took them to the Kannapolis Police Department so they could hand them out to other children in times of crisis. Children that might "need something to hug."

"I just figured other kids might need it more than me," Emily said Thursday afternoon at her school in Kannapolis.

Emily had no idea what was in store for her at Shady Brook Elementary as she walked into a room filled with police officers. Emily's whole class was treated to a party in honor of her kind deed.

Kannapolis Police officers surprised the girl with a brand new bike she'd been saving her own money for. The look on her face as they wheeled it out was priceless. "I'm going to ride it at the beach this summer and all over my neighborhood," Emily said.

One selfless act turned into another, and Emily turned it into yet another. It's a chain of kindness that may have ended today, but with the kind heart inside of Emily, there's no doubt it will keep going.

We asked Emily if she had any pointers for adults on how to be kind. Her answer is something everyone should read, "Try to encourage other people, don't be a bully, and there's a lesson my grandpa says, it's better to give than to take," Emily said.

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