WBTV Speak Out Editorial: New Hope for Wayward Youth

WBTV Speak Out Editorial: New Hope for Wayward Youth

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WBTV’s Editorial Board recently met with Mecklenburg County Sheriff Irwin Carmichael.
Our conversation was enlightening; both on the scope of his office’s responsibilities,
and on his personal mission to help young people keep their lives on track.
The Sheriff’s Office employs close to 1300 people.
They help keep our community safe by taking care of the jails, courts and civil processing.
One of their most crucial tasks is preparing inmates for their return back into our community.
Sheriff Carmichael talked in depth about youthful offenders held in custody.
They are required to attend school, which is provided by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System.
And they can graduate with a real high school diploma…not a GED.
The Sheriff wants to reduce the number of repeat and youthful offenders being incarcerated. Violent criminals, of course, belong in jail.
However, some of our young people have made mistakes and simply need direction. 
One of Sheriff Carmichael’s strongest points was this:
If WE don’t mentor our young people, a gang member, or some other unfavorable element of society, WILL. 
If you’d like to support programs offered by the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office, log onto mecksheriff.com.

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