BLOG: NCAA Tournament Blues

BLOG: NCAA Tournament Blues

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Well here I am again at the end of another NCAA bracket competition at WBTV.

I thought I was going to get on a hot streak after winning my first one ever last year after 25 years of frustration at the station. That's right, I had become the Susan Lucci of NCAA tournament brackets at Channel 3. A real laughing stock.

But that's okay, I had finally done it and was even bragging about how this year was going to be a two-peat. IN YO FACE!

Hope sprang eternal as I filled out my masterpiece.

I wanted to prove that last year's sweet victory was no fluke. I carefully constructed my Final Four the night before the Big Dance consisting of  Kansas, Michigan State, Kentucky, and Oregon. It was solid gold!

That's right none of my Final Four teams actually made it to the Final Four. Matter of fact I got zero points in the final four rounds of the tournament.

I finished 36th out of 39 brackets. PATHETIC! But I'm always optimistic!

So here's to next year when I look to win two of my last three.

By the way congratulations to my co-worker Gail. She had not been paying attention to the brackets and had no idea she was the winner until I told her. It kind of made me sick to my stomach.

Here's to next year!!