BLOG: Blossom-busting cold coming!

BLOG: Blossom-busting cold coming!

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - If you follow our WBTV Blogs, you probably know by now that the average last frost date around the greater Charlotte region was this past weekend. However, thanks to the fickle nature of climate and weather, the typical window for our last Spring frost extends from mid-March to mid-April.

And in extreme years, it can even fall outside of that range.

Well, it's looking like anything but average this year. Two significant cold snaps are plowing into the Carolinas this week, which will drive morning low temperatures down to around freezing as early as Wednesday morning and then again over the weekend, both Saturday and Sunday.

The accompanying picture is a snapshot from the European model for Sunday morning. Get a load of that 19° forecast low in Boone.

Needless to say, no matter where you live this week, pay close attention to plants you just brought home from the home improvement store this past weekend! And stay warm yourself!

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